Low Pressure Light Blinking on WF
Last Post 14 Oct 2008 09:29 AM by senecarr. 2 Replies.
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13 Oct 2008 07:56 PM
I noticed today when I went down to the basement to turn off the Sprinkler system lines for the winter that the Low Pressure light on my new geothermal unit was blinking on and off. The system is still working, from what i read in the book, Low pressure either indicates low freon pressure or a dirty air filter. I find it a little strange that a system that was installed a month ago has dirty filters. I'm using Air Bear 2000 filters 20x25x5, I thought they were good for 3 months. Anyway I ordered 5 replacement filters, cause I know what they are going to say when I call, to replace the filter.
While i'm on the subject of filters, I recently looked at the filters for my upstairs unit and they look fine. Can you do a visual inspection of your air filters to determine weather or not they are dirty? Or should you just replace them reguardless of what they look like, as recommended?

Is it safe to run the system for a few minutes without the filter to see if the error clears itself, to prove it's indeed the filters?

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13 Oct 2008 09:47 PM
As far as the visual inspection, it depends on the filter. Cheapie 1" fiberglass jobs depend on a tacky coating and like tape in the sand, they stop sticking quickly. On the other end Aprilaire filters start out extra leaky and improve with congestion which is why they only need annual change out (generally speaking). Air Bears are 3-6 month change outs but..... greater velocity required by heat pump (in retrofits) can plug them in a month.
The obvious thing to do is try a change first and call for service if it doesn't help.
Low pressure can also mean- low operating temps (insufficient water flow/poor compaction/plugged drain on open loop). It can also mean other things such as open blower door, bad fan motor, bad limit switch, plugged or insufficient supply or return openings.........
Liked your car idea at Seneca's (I needed the laugh). Call if I can help.
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14 Oct 2008 09:29 AM
While it's probably something else, the connect the dots possible is worrisome. You said one meaning of the light is low freon pressure? Isn't WF the one who's had complaints because they bought a batch of bad piping that gets pinhole size holes, and then WF doesn't stand by the warranty on it?
Don't mean to worry you, just noting a coincidence (I hope for you it is).
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