ICF Construction in NE OKlahoma
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31 Dec 2008 12:57 PM
We are considering ICF for new home construction in northeast Oklahoma.  This type of construction does not seem to be too popular yet in our area and am looking for knowledgeable contractor for estimate and answers to many questions.  Thanks.
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31 Dec 2008 03:57 PM
Hello McKewon,

Best of luck with your new home and you are wise to consider ICF. As for your inquiry, you may want to be a little more specific about your location. I did a google search and apparently found a distributer/installer of Amvic ICF in Tulsa, OK. You could call them, they may travel or know of someone closer. There information is as follows:

Insulating Concrete Forms
11437 E 20th St
Tulsa, OK 74128

(918) 437-2425‎

I would certainly want references, if they have ICF bracing, photos, etc to ensure that they know what they are doing. There are some ICF guys in Oklahoma City and I believe one in Welling OK. Best of luck - renangle
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31 Dec 2008 07:08 PM
And it may benefit you to look for a contractor with no perticular affilation with a manufacturer. That being said, Amvic is a fine ICF.

Thanks for plugging my company too, I would be happy to build your house in the winter, how deep does the frost get in your neck-of-the-woods? Ours 4' or more.
Brad Kvanbek - ICFconstruction.net
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31 Dec 2008 07:31 PM


We are icf installers with several jobs completed in Oklahoma. If you would like to contact me my email is virgil@icfresource.com I would be happy to help you with any questions you might have. Thanks.

Virgil Schmidt

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03 Jan 2009 08:53 AM
 Hello McKown,
I am a ICF home Builder and installer in NE Oklahoma.
I am working on 2 homes right now, 1 in Collinsville the other
in Barrtilville.
Mike Monyhan
Perimeter Construction
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