EMC Board on Bosch TA
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08 Jul 2022 08:03 PM
Hello everyone I am trying to diagnose an issue with my Bosch TA. We lost power Monday morning and when we got power back the Bosch TA was throwing a low pressure lockout. When I tried to restart the system the fan barley ran and one of the pumps to the ground loops had burned out. I replaced the pump without any issues and they both work fine. I suspect the fan motor is the issue, but I wanted to do some checking and verify that assumption. I have checked the signal voltages on the control board and they are all 24V along with the assorted green indicator LEDs. Power voltages for the motor are all correct where the high voltage plugs into the motor. I would like to verify the control voltages at he far end of the wire harness, but when I unplug the 16 pin harness from the motor the board stops the control signals and the green LEDs go dark. is this normal? I am assuming that the control board can detect when the harness id disconnected at either end and turns the motor functions off when it dose. I went ahead and ordered a new motor assuming the current one is bad and got a tecmate pro to try and test the old motor tonight. James
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