Bradford White Poor Customer Service HPWH
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28 Nov 2017 05:17 AM
I happened to have a new old stock geospring installed from my plumbers showroom last december and a known issue came up. I called GE and they diagnosed over the phone, said to call back for part installation once I recieved the parts. By the time I got this big box of parts, Bradford White had announced the purchase of Geospring and I got the new customer service number from my plumber. They have been TERRIBLE. They have all the documentation they have asked for, will reply with a thanks then you never hear from them. I first contacted sometime around March, dragged me along for a couple weeks then went quiet, same thing again around July, then AGAIN maybe a month ago. It would be nice to hear them come out and say yes we are or no, we arent fixing it instead of hiding under a rug and playing stupid. Thats my rant, avoid Bradford White. Fair warning
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31 Dec 2017 01:19 PM
That is very unfortunate as Bradford White after an exhaustive hunt for a domestic hot water heater a few years ago seemed to be the best option. It has proven to be trouble free for the last five years just as the one before it had been for 20 years.

I'm not sure if the Geospring line shares any parts or engineering resources with the HWH's, but in the past when I've had issues with large corporations I've written the president of the company - for some reason human eyes of some kind do look upon these.

I did a quick search on GeoSpring and the below is the first hit - I assume you intend to take advantage of this.


$300 Federal Tax Credit

Any GeoSpring installed between January 2015 and December 2016 may qualify for a $300 Federal Tax Credit. File IRS forms 5695 line 22a with your 2015 or 2016 tax filings along with the product purchase receipt and a copy of the GeoSpring Manufacturer's Certification Statement.
George (Architect)
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