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17 Nov 2006 04:15 AM  
Welcome to GreenBuildingTalk!

The purpose of GreenBuildingTalk is to provide an educational and interactive place for those interested or participating in green building. All forums are moderated, which means that the administrator will modify/delete posts in an effort to keep the site focused on its objective.

Please read through the following rules:

Who is GreenBuildingTalk for?
The site is geared towards two groups: Home/building owners interested in using green building products/methods AND Professionals interested in or currently working with green building products/methods.

Only registered users may post
In order to post, you must first register. You may browse ("lurk") without registration.

Unacceptable behavior
This is a public site- no swearing, no offensive topics and no flame wars. Engaging in this type of behavior will result immediately in termination of your membership.

Advertising of Web Sites and Products
This site is owned by a for-profit corporation and is supported by advertising revenue. All links within a post are subject for review and/or deletion and blatant advertising of websites and products is not accepted. If you would like to purchase advertising space, please contact us at 866-316-5300 or 312-223-1600 (Intl).

No e-mail addresses in posts
Please do not include your e-mail address in your posts. There are automatic programs called "bots" that will sift through all posts if there are e-mail addresses. They gather them for the spammers, and can overload our server making it unavailable to legitimate users.

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