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04 Dec 2008 12:32 PM  

Why didn't my long post get posted?
When writing long posts (multi-paragraph content that requires 20 minutes or hours to create), please prepare your content locally on an external editor such as MS notepad instead of writing everything through the web browser. Due to the web being a stateless medium and factors that may affect the successful transmission of data such as web server connection errors, a user's internet connection error, and expiring cookies, it is possible that the content you create may not be submitted to our web server. It is advised that users post content as soon as possible and save any multi-paragraph posts locally before submitting the content to the website.

How long do GreenBuildingTalk cookies last?
GreenbuildingTalk cookies are created whenever a registered user signs into the GreenBuildingTalk website. The cookie allows users to visit GreenBuildingTalk and participate in the forums without having to sign in every time. These cookies expire in 7 days (if the user has not cleared his browser's cookies). Once the 7 days expires, the user must sign in again.

How do I turn off Email Forum Notifications?

GBT users can have email notifications sent to them by checking "[i]Email me when someone replies to this thread[/i]" option on the top of the topic thread. To turn off these notifications, log in and go to the forum home page. At the top of the page, click on "My Profile" and then click on "Forum Subscriptions". Under the "Subscriptions" tab, you can remove email notifications.

Topic is locked

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