Copper failure from white closed cell insulation
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01 Feb 2022 01:55 PM
Has anyone had any copper failures from white JMF EX-PULL ISO Polar line set insulation? We built a new ICF home and used a 3 zone and single zone ductless system. After only a year and a half all of the line sets have pine holes in the copper that looks like it’s 20 years old and resulted in a flat system. After pulling out two of the runs and pressurizing they both have pin holes over a 10 to 15 ft span. From my research so far this had been a known issue since 2016 that manufactures are blaming on moisture on the copper creating a acid environment. After the issue started they added documentation to seal the ends of insulation to keep moisture out. I live in a world of 95 percent humidity. So what now we must vacuum the space between the copper and insulation and seal moisture out. I’m waiting on some new line set to come in but this time using good old elastomeric insulation. I have facilities with 20 year old Copper still plugging away. Worse part is allot of failures are being blamed on installers and cost past on to the consumer. Can’t imagine this won’t end up like another Grey PEX nightmare.
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